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Every day, I am newly captivated by the love of God.

His grace and mercy is unending. All I want to do is serve him and make his name known.


Who I am

I am a fresh post-grad getting ready to be a full-time nurse in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Throughout my time at North Dakota State University, I’ve learned to become confident in the talents and unique creative niches God has gifted me with, such as calligraphy and writing. Please take some time to read what God has showed me and done in my life, or look at calligraphy and lettering I can do!

Minneapolis | Fargo

I love mentoring younger women and instilling any advice I can about how to lead a godly relationship and what that looks like!


Contact me with any questions or topics on this you’re curious about!

I’m also passionate about all things coffee shops, family, football, hockey, the Bible, Chi Alpha Christian Ministry, great friendships, dreaming big, and quality nursing care.


Sharing & Insight

Throughout the past four years especially, I have learned so much about myself and about the character of God. I believe as followers and brothers/sisters in Christ, we are meant to share these experiences to help each other through the same things. The enemy tells us our problems isolate us. I know it’s the exact opposite. I hope anything I’ve written will encourage, enlighten, or inspire you!

I love hand-made calligraphy signs!


Explore and let me know if you have an idea you want materialized!


“Caroline created some custom signs for our wedding and we could not have been more pleased with how they turned out! The attention to detail, focus, and talent that Caroline puts into her work is plain to see! We highly recommend her for all of your calligraphy needs”.

-Schyler and Molly Abuhl