I start at $75 baseline for writing.

Adding framing: Extra $10 (about $20-30 off what it would take you to frame it)


project customization

Vows vary greatly in length so longer ones may take me significantly more time. Therefore, the price might raise. If you do just a few quotes, it may go down!




If you have more questions, just contact me through the link on the home page!

How Long?

It typically takes me a few days to complete a project because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to this and what’s going to be displayed in YOUR space! Add on shipping, and it might take around a week from when we finalize your project.




I use lots of different pens, but will make sure every word on your project matches. I’ve mainly used 11 x 14 inch white paper, if you want to take framing upon yourself!



In my experience, black against a white background looks the best, and also matches everything. So that’s my recommendation! If you really would like something different, we can chat!